Excellence in Rapid Modular Building Services From Start to Finish

Design & Engineering

Ark is dedicated to providing the perfect modular building solution for each of our clients. Our excellence in design and engineering drives client satisfaction with our Flat Pack and Solid System (Ready Box) solutions.

Ark is home to an experienced design and engineering team comprising both CAD and 3D experts. We design and engineer our projects in accord with international standards – including those of PNG, Australia and New Zealand.


Ark has nearly 100 full time factory workers and a 10,000 m2 advanced production facility employing technologies such as robotic welding, laser cutting and pneumatic driving manipulators. We have the capacity to produce large volumes of modular componentry (Flat Pack and Ready Box) on time to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our modular building products are certified to the highest international standards, including the Building Code of Australia (BCA). We comply with the ISO 9001 management system and our Quality Control and R&D teams are dedicated to realising new innovations in sustainable and energy-efficient modular buildings.

Procurement Plus

Take advantage of our value adding ‘Procurement Plus’ service delivered by our professional purchasing team. As part of our complete turnkey service offering, Ark is able to provide clients with all of the electrical, plumbing, furniture, and appliance requirements of their building project.

Installation & Commissioning

Ark clients enjoy excellence in high-tech modular componentry installed by locals. Choose your own installation team or have Ark Pacific organise this for you.

With years of experience in remote construction, we can install your project no matter where it is. We can also capacity build local communities – employing and training local labour in project installation.


ARK's factory is located near the port of Shanghai, giving us flexible logistical options for shipping worldwide. ARK's products are designed and engineered to maximise ease and cost effectiveness of transportation.

After-Sales Service

We pride ourselves on our product. Client peace of mind is assured with Ark’s excellence in quality control, after sales service and a warranty you can trust.

We also believe that our next client comes from our last project. That's why Ark Pacific ensures you receive support with your project from conception to completion!