Excellence in Rapid Modular Building Solutions

What We Do

Ark Pacific designs, manufactures, supplies and installs a diverse range of fit-for-purpose modular building solutions throughout Papua New Guinea, broader Oceania and South East Asia.

Ark Pacific has the right combination of global expertise delivered locally and to international standards.

With 10+ years’ experience in Papua New Guinea, the Ark Pacific team can be trusted to deliver fit-for-purpose buildings in the most remote and challenging environments.

The Ark Pacific Advantage

What makes us better than other modular building suppliers?

Ark Pacific’s modular buildings are quicker and cheaper to transport, as well as faster to install. Peace of mind is assured with our excellence in quality control, after sales service and a warranty you can trust. Our buildings are also versatile and repurposable – they can easily be reconfigured or relocated.

Manufactured to PNG as well as Australian and New Zealand standards. Our clients enjoy excellence in high-tech modular componentry installed by locals. Choose your own installation team or have Ark Pacific organise this for you.

Connect With Our Team

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Introducing Ark Prefab – Our Parent Company

Ark Pacific is a subsidiary of Ark Prefab, a global leader in modular building solutions. Driven by technology and underpinned with a philosophy of continuous improvement, Ark Prefab are experts in all aspects of modular building – from design, all the way through to installation. Ark Prefab’s high quality componentry is manufactured in sophisticated manufacturing facilities employing state-of-the-art robotic welding, laser cutting, pneumatic driving manipulators and automatic sandwich panels assembly lines.

ISO9001 and ISO14000 are stringently complied with and the quality of every modular component is assured.

Ark Prefab, together with its global network of subsidiaries such as Ark Pacific, delivers a diverse array of rapid modular buildings all over the world to some of the biggest brands.

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